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> I have recently bought 2 HG gundam kits and I am sure that many of you have
> been asked this question:
> When building the kits how do you guys get the teeny tiny pannel
> colored? I have read somewhere that you can use something called a gundam
> marker or some people recomend technical pens. I tried the technical pens
> but when I wipe off the excess the pannel lines go along w/ the ecxess.
> do you guys do it?
> Lizandro

I use rapidographs for the panel lines (When I have a girlfriend - for some
reason they all own those) and when I don't I use the gundam markers.. I
think that the gundam markers suck compared to a rapidograph set, in that a
set of RG's will have like 10 different pen sizes (And sometimes you want the
lines fat, sometimes quite small) and also it has been my experience that the
gundam markers wear out extremely quickly (And the local stores sell them for
3-5 dollars [!] so it sucks when one master grade kit kills your pen.) but
they work, if you're in a bind... I would _not_ suggest using a gundam
marker on a mostly white MS tho as the lines they put down are too fat and
they always look cartoonish on my white MS's

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