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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 18:19:52 -0500

Mark Simmons wrote:
> * There are apparently no Minovsky particles in Gundam Wing; the Gundams are
> radar-proof because they're made of Gundanium, while other mobile suits can
> be detected on radar. (Even the Virgo, which suggests that either it's not
> really made of Gundanium, or perhaps it only uses the stuff for armor and
> the other metal parts show up on radar.) The Deathscythe's hyper jammers
> emit "jamming particles," which could perhaps be Minovsky particles, though
> they have some scrambling effect on visual sensors too.
> * As a corollary to the above, since Gundanium is radar-proof, it doesn't
> seem to be the same thing as Gundarium. It certainly seems to be much
> tougher. Perhaps, as per Turn A's unified continuity, a lingering race
> memory prompts people to name any super-tough alloy after the Gundam.
gundanium isn't radar-proof, it is MAD (Magnetic anomoly detector) proof
which leads me to beileve it is a plastic/ceramic composite or a
non-ferrous metal alloy

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