Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:57:36 -0700

>Sorta kinda. You remember NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement, for
>those of you who aren't north americans ;p)? It's not ;p We get royally
>screwed on anything we ship in from the US. It's not so much the tax, I
>have absolutely no problem paying that, its the $5 handling fee that
>Canada Customs charges. It's bloody ridiculous.

You guys get taxed like all the geezers' hospital bills depend on it. I
thought L.A.'s 8.25% sales tax was bad, buy you guys get like 14%, plus a
40% take on income... no wonder most young Canadians come to the U.S.

>Same thing goes if I order a model kit or a DVD from a US store. I'm going
>to get hit for tax (Thats fine), but also a 5$ surcharge. As a result, the
>only time I buy DVD's from the US is when I can't get it in Canada. For
>example, I bought Macross Plus on DVD from DVDExpress. $21.95x2=42$US.
>Looks pretty attractive, since Chapters.ca was selling them for 40$
>canadian each, right? Tack on currency conversion, and that becomes
>65$,throw in 5$ for shipping, 5$ to canada customs, and then throw tax on
>top of that ... and its the exact same price. Totally sucks.

Looks like it's set up to protect local businesses.


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