Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:44:20 -0700

> Sorry for yet another question thread, but I'm considering ordering
>one of the kits from these three. First, the obvious question, how do
>they stack up quality wise to other kits? Also, is their construction
>based on the Victory Gundam/Early High Grade frames or just snapping
>together parts and polycaps? Info on this era of kits is pretty scarce,
>so I'm wondering what opinions people have about them.

F90 and SF91 kits are of comparable quality. I am not too thrilled with
how some of their hands being unable to even hold the big guns, like the
RXF-91A. However, they are very nicely detailed and feature multi-colored
parts made with System Injection. These look the best snapped out of the
box without any painting. The F91 kits are a notch below F90 and SF91 kits
because they require a bit of painting on most kits, IIRC only the F91 kit
had System Injection parts.

They don't have the early/original HG kind of frame, and don't have the
kind of skirt armor problems that the 1/100 V Gundam kits had.


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