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> Aren't they subject to heavy tariff when distributors import them into
> Canada?
Sorta kinda. You remember NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement, for
those of you who aren't north americans ;p)? It's not ;p We get royally
screwed on anything we ship in from the US. It's not so much the tax, I
have absolutely no problem paying that, its the $5 handling fee that
Canada Customs charges. It's bloody ridiculous. Up until a few months ago
I collected and traded Transformers ... most of my deals came from the US.
I'd send a package of TF's to trade, and they'd send one to me. Now, if
Canada Customs decideds to open it, even though no cash traded hands, I
can get dinged for tax. So if the value was declared as 80$, i pay 7% tax
on that + a $5 handling fee, straight to their pockets. That sucks. I
sholdn't have to pay anything here, but sometimes i did...

Same thing goes if I order a model kit or a DVD from a US store. I'm going
to get hit for tax (Thats fine), but also a 5$ surcharge. As a result, the
only time I buy DVD's from the US is when I can't get it in Canada. For
example, I bought Macross Plus on DVD from DVDExpress. $21.95x2=42$US.
Looks pretty attractive, since was selling them for 40$
canadian each, right? Tack on currency conversion, and that becomes
65$,throw in 5$ for shipping, 5$ to canada customs, and then throw tax on
top of that ... and its the exact same price. Totally sucks.

> :( They are literally all over the place here, I've seen sellers who
> are desperate enough to sell them for $100 or less locally at conventions.
> Too bad I already have like 5 of them, otherwise I'd have picked up more.
Even with the horrible currenc conversion, that's pretty good.
Anybody know if we get dinged for customs fees if we import stuff from
Japan, fellow canuckians? Haven't ordered anything from overseas yet
(although I did sell my thrustmaster flight stick to a guy in France, of
all places. eBay is wierd.) so I'm not sure.

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