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>> To be honest I'd forgotten about it =)
>> I suppose we could have a little contest and see if we can come up with a
>> design enough people would like to buy to justify the printing cost.
>> So everyone who's had experience with this sort of thing, speak up =)
>> We'd probably need some rules (feel free to add/change)
>> 1. Using copyrighted artwork is almost definately a no-no. Using fan-drawn
>> art would probably be ok (with the permission of the artist, of course),
>> but even that might be a grey area.
>I don't that would be a big deal if we weren't doing it in terms of

Even fanart is a derivative work based on existing copyrighted material.
Whether its nature is commercial or not has no bearing on the fact that
the infringer opens himself/herself to actions by the copyright holder.
The intended use of the shirt has to qualify under the fair use exception,
which is indeed a grey area. The easiest solution is to just get permission
to use an existing/licensed artwork from Bandai/Sunrise.


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