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Roger Harkavy writes,

> Something that's been bugging me ever since the first
> Gundam Wing episode aired: when Heero runs into Relena
> on the beach, he triggers what I assumed was a suicide
> charge on his normal suit. It fails to kill him, and
> he looks surprised at this. Was there any explanation
> given (in the original anime, the manga, the novels,
> etc.) for why he wasn't successful?

  Yes, in the Episode Zero novelization; Doctor J deactivated it.
Previously, I'd assumed it was just the seawater or something...

> Secondly, the new Tallgeese entry at The Gundam
> Project is probably the most impressive thing you've
> done so far, Mark.

  Awwwww. Just for that, here's a preview of the Leo...


> The Gundam Wing action figures. Looks like the five
> heroes are hitting the racks, but I haven't seen any
> reports of people picking up the Epyon or Tallgeese.

  I don't think those are out yet... the Bandai folks only sent me the first

> One thing I take issue with, though: the fact that
> everyone keeps referring to these as "MS In Action"
> figures when the packaging doesn't say anything to
> that effect.

  Fair enough - they aren't labeled as MSiA.

> Are they, in fact, constructed and
> articulated the same way the Japanese MSIAs are?

  Oh yeah, absolutely. The picture of the Japanese MSiA Wing Gundam is
identical to the domestic figure, except from the panel lines.

> And
> has anyone read anything official that says that the
> figures other than the Wing are being released in
> Japan?

  Not so far.

-- Mark

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