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Chris Beilby writes,

> I need transcripts of a couple of speeches, specifically Giren's funeral
> speech for Garma and Delar's speech from 0083.

  There was a Japanese fan site with transcripts of every major Gundam
speech - in Japanese, but a good starting point for translation. Sadly, it's
shut down now.

> Also, I'd like input from
> people about the major differences between UC Gundam and Gundam Wing.

  Hm. Some initial observations, focusing on the geography and technology
rather than the obvious political differences...


* Obviously, the space colonies are of a different design. They're
supposedly smaller, and there's only one colony cluster per Lagrange point.

* Less junk in Earth orbit, too. There are at least four resource asteroids
around, used for colony construction and factory production, but no asteroid
fortesses. We've seen MO-II - analogous perhaps to Luna Two, but in a closer
orbit - as well as Endless Waltz's MO-III and G-UNIT's MO-V.

* The lunar cities seem pretty similar to their depiction in UC Gundam.


* There are apparently no Minovsky particles in Gundam Wing; the Gundams are
radar-proof because they're made of Gundanium, while other mobile suits can
be detected on radar. (Even the Virgo, which suggests that either it's not
really made of Gundanium, or perhaps it only uses the stuff for armor and
the other metal parts show up on radar.) The Deathscythe's hyper jammers
emit "jamming particles," which could perhaps be Minovsky particles, though
they have some scrambling effect on visual sensors too.

* As a corollary to the above, since Gundanium is radar-proof, it doesn't
seem to be the same thing as Gundarium. It certainly seems to be much
tougher. Perhaps, as per Turn A's unified continuity, a lingering race
memory prompts people to name any super-tough alloy after the Gundam.

* If Gundanium is super-tough, there's no need to assume the beam weapons in
Gundam Wing are substantially different from their UC equivalents. Though
Minovsky particles may be absent, the workings of beam rifles, beam sabers,
energy packs, et al seem terribly familiar. Just like in the UC world, beam
weapons scatter quickly in atmosphere (and are hence seldom used on Earth),
and the broad-beam effect of the buster rifle and mega beam cannons is much
like the slow-moving, high-damage setting of a VSBR or beam bazooka.

* Though their field is invisible, planet defensors seem to work like beam
shields rather than I-field barriers. They're generated by a central hub,
they work against both beam and physical attacks, and they can be collapsed
by a sufficiently powerful attack.

* There's ample precedent for the mobile doll in the Gundam's self-teaching
computer and the ALICE system. Meanwhile, the Zero system's ability to feed
data into the pilot's brain is reminiscent of the F91's bio-computer, but
the fact that it also pushes tactical advice on the pilot makes the Blue
Destiny's EXAM system the most obvious UC parallel.

  Howzat for starters?

-- Mark

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