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Subject: [gundam] Gundam MUSH page help needed.

> I'm updationg the Website for Gundam MUSH, and I need a little help with
> some things.
> I need transcripts of a couple of speeches, specifically Giren's funeral
> speech for Garma and Delar's speech from 0083. Also, I'd like input from
> people about the major differences between UC Gundam and Gundam Wing.
> I appreciate any help that anyone can give me, and everyone who
> will be credited.
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I think on of the main differences between UC and Wing is that in Wing, the
Gundams are seen as all powerful and the pilots of being capable of anything
super Heero types ;) whereas in UC they seem to be more realistic people.
The Gundams are seen more as a means to an end in UC also

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