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Echo|Fox wrote:
> 1. Using copyrighted artwork is almost definately a no-no. Using fan-drawn
> art would probably be ok (with the permission of the artist, of course),
> but even that might be a grey area.

Photos of fan-constructed models should be ok. Also we know of several
good artists on this list. As long as no one is making profits it should

> 2. It should say "Gundam Mailing List" on it, since that's less likely to
> get Bandai's panty's in a knot than making a generically Gundam T-shirt.

I don't think "GML" will make much of a difference. If we print say 100
or fewer shirts, it shouldn't be a real problem.

> 3. Front and back designs. Either a full image on the back and a small
> crest on the front, or a full image on both?

oh no! Big image on the front, a joke or slogan on the back.

> 4. Projected price should be no more than 20$US, preferably around 15$US,
> but those of you who know how much T-Shirt runs cost could give us a
> better idea.

US$15 should cover shirt + postage... And it better be a multicolored
design. Otherwise, even US$10-12 should be enough.

> Basically, if most of us are in agreement,

Wake up baby! This is the GML, we are never in agreement.

> we could have the contest(s) to come up with a kickass design,

My experience is that T-shirt design contests typically receive 1 to 2
submissions. I might be wrong, since the Great Mecha Retocon contest went
really well. I'd say whoever is interested just start submitting artwork.
And whoever is willing to do the legwork gets to choose the winning entry
based on purely personal prejogatives. Since the largest portion of
buyers would come from the USA, I'd say this operation should be based at
the center of the universe. That takes me off the hook (phew!).

> and then, if we can get enough interested
> parties to commit to buying one, we get them printed. Sound cool?

If you print them, they will come...

Typically, there is a fixed cost per screen, each screen producing one
colour. If you are printing on coloured shirts, you need an extra screen
to lay down a white bkgd (kind of like priming). If you are using
multiple screens, make sure the printshop has the skill and QC to align
the screens correctly. The coloured shirt itself also cost about $1-2
extra over white shirt. I would also recommend the extra $1 or 2 to get
some solid-quality cotton shirt (Fruit of the Loom), don't want those
crappy shirts that disintegrate after 5 washes. Typical acceptable
artwork format is Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshops, vector graphics are

Now do we have a volunteer to do all the legwork? I.e. taking the design
to a printshop, prepaying the shop, taking payments from listers, mailing
the shirts out. These is zero requirment on artistic ability or previous
T-shirt experience (well, having worn T-shirts would be a plus :) We just
need someone who has some free time and good at communication. Cuz if we
don't have a volunteer, this whole thing is dead in the water (like the

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