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Here's a translation of a Chinese Article on the 1.5 someone posted on the
GML a while back:

The New MG Version of “Gundam” Model: Initial Trial Assembly in Hong Kong
If you were a model enthusiast with many years of experience, you would
surely remember “Gundam” RX-78. It was the first model of the BANDAI MG
series to be marketed. After seven years, the former RX-78 design
inevitably becomes obsolete. Therefore BANDAI introduces a brand new1.5
version now. While this newcomer follows faithfully the external features
of the PG version, its internal structures are stronger and more articulate.
By comparison, the newcomer surpasses the first MG version by leaps and

Introduction of Complex Mold-Injection Method
BANDAI has been fully prepared for the competition over the years in their
planning to re-introduce Ver.1.5 of RX-78. Compared to the former version,
the new one possesses finer and more parts with major improvement to the
legs. BANDAI introduces a new complex technology of mold injection to
manufacture the legs of the new RX-78. The structural framework of a leg is
constructed from pliable plastic. Inside each leg are four hydraulic
pieces, one double-joint kneecap and two hinge joints. The joints are now
fully movable for improved articulation.

Solid Squatting Posture in Japanese Style
The many movements of the leg are made possible by the smart linkage of
inner support structures. This overcomes the limitation of movement due to
armor over the legs in former versions. The latest model has no problem of
striking a Japanese squatting pose. The legs of the new MG version of RX-78
are constructed from a single piece of pliable plastic through complex mold
injection, being a first for the MG version.

Hydraulic-linked Movable Joints:
The design of movable joints with multiple hydraulic devices has several
advantages. It enhances not only the load-bearing ability of the legs but
also the mechanical (robotic) image of the model.

Movable Valves of Air-jet on the Breastplates
The new MG version of RX-78 sports another big change. Each breastplate is
now equipped with three valves of air-jet that can be independently closed
or opened.

Full Arrays of Weaponry Display
Weapons includes missile cannon, laser gun, beam sword, protective shield
and nuclear core fighter. New additions include a trident and a chained
morningstar. These two terrifying weapons are most impressive for the model
on posing.

Afterthoughts upon Completion of Assembly
Some people believe that the weak external feature of the former MG version
of RX-78 needs improvement. The new version faithfully follows the design
of PG but retains the stout image projected by the original “Gundam”.
Hopefully “Gundam” enthusiasts will approve such characteristics. The new
Ver.1.5 features a refinement of its internal parts. The enthusiasts will
enjoy having more parts to assemble.

Outstanding Features of the New Version
Many enthusiasts recognize that the new MG version of RX-78 differs from the
first MG version and is 1/60 in dimensions of the PG version of “Gundam”.
However very few know the major differences between the two. The answers
are now listed as follows.

1. Extended Chest and Abdomen
The new MG version of RX-78 becomes distinctively more massive in a T-shape
area defined by the chest and the pilot’s cabin in the abdomen. The result
is an enhanced three-dimensional profile of the model.

2. Strengthening of Arm Joints
The new RX-78 share common features of the arm with former versions.
Similar parts are found in both versions except for arm joints. The joints
are lengthened to improve articulation in the new version.

3. Armor Assembly of the Legs
The legs thicken considerably to project a stout look and a sense of action.
Inside them are structural framework with armor layered piecewise on top.
Such a design eliminates any obvious seams and redundant lines.

4. Agility of Leg Movement
The legs adopt the design of circular joint found in former versions. A
new pair of hydraulic devices is fitted to greatly enhance leg articulation.
The armor plates are modified to be independently movable so as to improve
the overall performance in movement.

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