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To be honest I'd forgotten about it =)
I suppose we could have a little contest and see if we can come up with a
design enough people would like to buy to justify the printing cost.
So everyone who's had experience with this sort of thing, speak up =)
We'd probably need some rules (feel free to add/change)
1. Using copyrighted artwork is almost definately a no-no. Using fan-drawn
art would probably be ok (with the permission of the artist, of course),
but even that might be a grey area.
2. It should say "Gundam Mailing List" on it, since that's less likely to
get Bandai's panty's in a knot than making a generically Gundam T-shirt.
3. Front and back designs. Either a full image on the back and a small
crest on the front, or a full image on both?
4. Projected price should be no more than 20$US, preferably around 15$US,
but those of you who know how much T-Shirt runs cost could give us a
better idea.
5. A slogan of some kind would be cool. There were a few amusing ones
posted last time this come up, but perhaps we could leave that open for a
seperate contest? One to come up with the design and another for a slogan
that will appear?

Basically, if most of us are in agreement, we could have the contest(s) to
come up with a kickass design, and then, if we can get enough interested
parties to commit to buying one, we get them printed. Sound cool?

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On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Gus Jae wrote:

> What ever happened to that? Is someone doing the design? > I used to design T shirts for MIT Anime and my office... haven't done one > for a while. > Gus Jae > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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