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I've got the 0083 scripts on Wingzero, so you should be able to find the
appropriate speaches in there. See my signature for the URL.

As for the major differences between UC Gundam and Gundam Wing? One I can
think of right away is the treatment of Gundams. In UC, they're
prototypes for mass
production suits,as a result, they're a cut above the rest, and are often
ridiculously powerful (GP-03) but they're still just mobile suits ... they
get blown up, get damaged, etc. Compare that to the superhero like MS's in
Wing that never get hit unless the plot calls for them to get an upgrade
... the same goes for the "grunt" MS's. Both have generic units that get
blown up routinely, but the average UC MS is more powerful than the
one-hit-and-they-die Leo's, etc from Wing.

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