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Roland Thigpen writes,

>I suppose I can see that many of the heads of the "Gundams" in the
opening are
>actually the G-Bit head (my copy is kind of poor quality, but most look
to have
>the black solid faceplate of a G-Bit), but I thought there were more of the
>actual Gundams themselves?

  In the flashback, you just see one of each Gundam and a dozen of each
G-Bit. Later in the series they find a bunch of Gundam X G-Bits out at
sea, but I'm not sure whether these are the same ones.

>I just rewatched the opening of the first episode, and it seems like
there were
>at least 2 Gundam Xs. One that has an arm and a head blown off, and then the
>one Garoud finds; although I can see how some people might argue that
they are
>one and the same.

  Nah, I think Jamil's headless Gundam X turns up later in the series;
it's used to program the Double X.

-- Mark

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