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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:49:26 -0700 (PDT)

Something that's been bugging me ever since the first
Gundam Wing episode aired: when Heero runs into Relena
on the beach, he triggers what I assumed was a suicide
charge on his normal suit. It fails to kill him, and
he looks surprised at this. Was there any explanation
given (in the original anime, the manga, the novels,
etc.) for why he wasn't successful? Did someone
perhaps tamper with the charge so that it was

Secondly, the new Tallgeese entry at The Gundam
Project is probably the most impressive thing you've
done so far, Mark. You gave the design some needed
"bulk", while still keeping the original Roman styling
that endears me to this suit. Can't wait to see the
Leo, and I can't wait to find the action figure of
this, which brings me to...

The Gundam Wing action figures. Looks like the five
heroes are hitting the racks, but I haven't seen any
reports of people picking up the Epyon or Tallgeese.
One thing I take issue with, though: the fact that
everyone keeps referring to these as "MS In Action"
figures when the packaging doesn't say anything to
that effect. Are they, in fact, constructed and
articulated the same way the Japanese MSIAs are? And
has anyone read anything official that says that the
figures other than the Wing are being released in
Japan? I'm looking for a reference from a Japanese
magazine or web site, gaijin news sources
(, Cool Japanese Toys, etc.) don't count.

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