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here's my take on it

a Gundam is a super-high-performance mobile suit typically with with
special stylistic additions to intimidate enemies and/or denote it's
special status (V-fin, red chin, paint job etc...)

take a look at american fighter aircraft in the 80s
the F-15 Egal when it was built was an amazing machine for it's time
(not unlike Gundam)it carried sophisticated sensors and avionics,
poerfull weapons, was fast with powerfull engens and was still
maneuverable enough to dog-fight with fighters half it's size.. the
problem was it was big and powerfull and EXSPENSIVE, a suitable
alternative was needed to fill positions in squadrons where the F-15's
capabilities would be wasted
enter the F-16 Fighting Falcon, it was fast and light and nimble but
still had a respectable weapons load, and more importantly it was
cheeper than the F-15 (just as the GM and other mid to low-end MS are
more cost-effective alternatives to Gundams)


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