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>Subject: [gundam] Zeon civilians and Zabis
>I've been's been hinted that the civilian members of
>the Duchy did not like the Zabis and the Duchy's military, and vice-versa.
>Hence, the establishment of the Republic of Zeon as soon as the Zabis
>were out of the way. Judging by the relatively small size of Delaz and
>Axis fleets, was there not a lot of love for the Duchy era within Zeon's
>population? It almost seems that the Zabis were more of a dictatorship
>than free rulers...anybody know what the general attitude was at Side 3?

Well, no more than other Sides' love for the Federation. Yet, majority of
Earth Federation Forces came from space colonies. There were clear
opponents of the Zabi, there are those who are the followers of Zeon Daikun,
and there are those who favorite a better relationship with Federation. The
latter group became the members of the Zeon Republic.

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