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On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:17:13 -0400 "Enriquez, Eric" <> wrote:
> As for Gundam X; there were only a handful of Gundams per se (perhaps
>as few as two apiece of the Gundam X, Airmaster, and Leopard), but there
>were at least a dozen unmanned, remote-controlled "G-Bit" mobile suits to
>accompany each. Which raises another question - why isn't the Rasveyt
>considered a Gundam? It has a Gundam face mask, two eyes, and the same
>Flash System/remote-control capabilities as the Gundam X et al.
>I just saw the first ep. of Gundam X and in the first battle there were a
>dozen or so of each of Gundam X, Airmaster and Leopard. I know most were
>blown away but how many of them were piloted and how many were "G-Bit"
>remote-controlled units?

I suppose I can see that many of the heads of the "Gundams" in the opening are actually the G-Bit head (my copy is kind of poor quality, but most look to have the black solid faceplate of a G-Bit), but I thought there were more of the actual Gundams themselves?

I just rewatched the opening of the first episode, and it seems like there were at least 2 Gundam Xs. One that has an arm and a head blown off, and then the one Garoud finds; although I can see how some people might argue that they are one and the same. I can't tell for the Airmasters and Leopards, but I guess I can see how it would be kind of campy if one group somehow gained control of all three remaining examples of these Gundams.

I just always thought there were more of them than just a couple of each. Thus, it would be a big coincidence that one group got one of each, but a coincidence none-the-less.


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