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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:17:13 -0400

  As for Gundam X; there were only a handful of Gundams per se (perhaps
as few as two apiece of the Gundam X, Airmaster, and Leopard), but there
were at least a dozen unmanned, remote-controlled "G-Bit" mobile suits to
accompany each. Which raises another question - why isn't the Rasveyt
considered a Gundam? It has a Gundam face mask, two eyes, and the same
Flash System/remote-control capabilities as the Gundam X et al.


I just saw the first ep. of Gundam X and in the first battle there were a
dozen or so of each of Gundam X, Airmaster and Leopard. I know most were
blown away but how many of them were piloted and how many were "G-Bit"
remote-controlled units?


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