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You are correct. It was a Model Graphics from the mid 80's. I do have
"Gundam Perfect Plastic Model Catalog v2.0" and that plated Shiki does not
show up in the catalog.

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>I was looking at a old Model Graphics magazine and found a picture of what
>believe to be a HGUC of MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki in that shinny yellow chrome.
>I know that there is a 1/144 scale kit of this but the add clearly states
>both a 1/144 and a 1/100 with a picture of both. This was also a Bandai ad
>on the back cover of the magazine. Was a 1/100 ever released with the
>shinny chrome? Also the proportions look like the HGUC version not the
>original 1/100 Zeta era kit.

How old was the magazine? If it were from between the mid or late 1980s
then chances are you saw the gold-plated limited edition "reissue" of the
Type 100 in both scales (1/144 and 1/100 IIRC, they were featured in the
MediaWorks' Gundam Perfect Plastic Model Catalog v1.0).


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