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--- Mark Simmons <> wrote:
> Soimichiro Watanabe writes,
> >I was just wondering, aren't they called gundams
> >because of the alloy used is similar to the alloy
> of
> >RX-78-2 Gundam ---the alloy is then called
> >gundanium/gundarum (gamma, tau, etc...) in honor of
> >the RX-78. So I'm guessing that its called a
> "gundam"
> >because of the metal used.
> Always an exception: The Gundam Mk. II is made of
> titanium/ceramic
> composite, not Gundarium alloy. For all we know, the
> same could be true
> of the GP-series Gundams and the Psyco Gundam (which
> were all built
> before Gundarium Gamma was available).
> This also isn't very useful as a distinction
> because so many other
> mobile suits are made of the stuff, including
> obvious non-Gundams like
> the Marasai and Qubeley.
> >However, since almost all "Gundams" shared a design
> >similar to that of the RX-78 (kinda looks lika a
> >samurai armour to me, helmet, shoulder pads and
> all),
> >I guess you also affix the term Gundam to Mechs of
> >similar design (hence another question ---would you
> >call the Hyukevain of the SRW series a gundam? it
> has
> >all the basic parts: chin, v-fin, shoulder blades,
> >etc. but is it made of gundanium? Would you also
> >consider R1, R2 and R3 units as Gundams?
> Heh! Now we're getting into the category of Gundam
> ripoffs/homages...
> -- Mark

R1, R2 and R3 are from the series SRX, its supposed to
be from sunrise too right? something like a manga only
Gundam series (like F90 but SRX ain't UC)...right?

we forgot to answer "what makes a Mobile armor a
mobile armor?"... ^_^
Uhh, let's see... very heavy fire power (more like,
you have a bigger payload than the mobile suit of your
era), bulky, has a system or upgrade that compensates
for its bulkiness, bigger than the standard MS (of
your era too), what else?

I really find it hard to accept Turn-A.

~Watanabe Soimichiro

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