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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:27:10 -0700 (PDT)

> Paul Fields writes,
> > How about a 2 eyed Mobile Suit, built out of
> Gundarium
> > typically high a performance model with 2 beam
> sabers, I
> > guess part of an experimental program is a must,
> but being
> > a prototype isn't since some Gundams were not
> built as a
> > prototype. The V-fin, Red Chin, and Headcannons
> aren't
> > on all the Gundams so that can't be generalized.
> None of these characteristics can be generalized
> to _all_ Gundams. Some
> exceptions:
> * No head vulcans: RX-79[G], Gundam Mk.II
> * No V-fin: Ez-8, Turn A
> * No red chin: Z Gundam, Superior Gundam
> * No blue chest: Nu Gundam
> * Non-white base color: GP02A, GP03S, Ez-8, and
> Psyco Gundams
> * Single beam saber: Nu Gundam (albeit with a backup
> on the arm), Gundam X
> * One eye: Heavy Gundam
> And so forth. While I favor the interpretation
> that a Gundam is anything
> that's _called_ a Gundam, a more satisfactory answer
> might be that a Gundam
> needs to have many, but not all, of these
> characteristics. Thus, pretty much
> everything in G Gundam has two eyes, a V-fin, a red
> chin, and head vulcans,
> which makes them identifiable as Gundams despite the
> wide variation in color
> schemes, body shape, and armament.
> -- Mark

I was just wondering, aren't they called gundams
because of the alloy used is similar to the alloy of
RX-78-2 Gundam ---the alloy is then called
gundanium/gundarum (gamma, tau, etc...) in honor of
the RX-78. So I'm guessing that its called a "gundam"
because of the metal used.

However, since almost all "Gundams" shared a design
similar to that of the RX-78 (kinda looks lika a
samurai armour to me, helmet, shoulder pads and all),
I guess you also affix the term Gundam to Mechs of
similar design (hence another question ---would you
call the Hyukevain of the SRW series a gundam? it has
all the basic parts: chin, v-fin, shoulder blades,
etc. but is it made of gundanium? Would you also
consider R1, R2 and R3 units as Gundams? then how
about SRX?).... gosh there's just too much to have for
a gundam, and what about Turn-A, other than the red,
white and blue/two arms, two legs motif, it doesn't
look like any of the previous gundams at all...

~Watanbe Soimichiro

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