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> >Well, for a little rousing Monday morning discussion, in the spirit of
> >this weekends discussion on what makes a Mobile Armor a Mobile Armor ...
> >how about What makes a Gundam a Gundam? Other than the obvious answer of
> >what-Bandai-says-is-a-Gundam-is-a-Gundam.
> >So, at the very least, a Gundam is a mobile suit, fashioned from
> >alloy, with a V-Fin and a red chin. Certainly someone can refine my
> >definition a little more, as thats awfully vague =)
>Hmmm. I would also include the fact that a gundam is supposed to be a
>that it normally has specs which make it supposedly better than most of its

Well, like every other factor that's been listed here, there are exceptions.
  Several of the Gundams from Gundam X were mass production models. I've
been led to belived V Gundam included mass produced machines as well.

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