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Mon, 26 Jun 2000 23:58:36 -0700

Hey L.M,

I heard Outlaw Star has writing comparable to Bebop.. Not the same story ,
but good Science Fiction....

My view on the old Gundam.. Great Story , but dated character designs.. I
think if character designs take too much from the era they were created
itll look too dated.. I think thats the problem with 0079 and Zeta...
However if you look at someone like Izubuchis designs, they are quite
classic. Even his old aura battlers were kinda cool.. His Aura Phantasm
stuff which was done in 1988 is WAY more interesting than stuff that has
been done afterwards... Heck the evas had some Aura Phantasm influences..
His Maddox01 could fit in with his Gasaraki designs.. It wouldnt look too
out of place in that show..Good Design and Art will hold no matter when it
was made...Sure Frank Frazetta's work is dated, but that doesnt keep it
from being excellent and classic illustration...However an NC Wyeth
illustration is older, but superior because I think its more of a piece of
history than being dated with a style of the moment....There can be a fine
line between dated and historical.....

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