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>Paul Fields writes,
> > How about a 2 eyed Mobile Suit, built out of Gundarium
> > typically high a performance model with 2 beam sabers, I
> > guess part of an experimental program is a must, but being
> > a prototype isn't since some Gundams were not built as a
> > prototype. The V-fin, Red Chin, and Headcannons aren't
> > on all the Gundams so that can't be generalized.
> None of these characteristics can be generalized to _all_ Gundams. Some
>* No head vulcans: RX-79[G], Gundam Mk.II
>* No V-fin: Ez-8, Turn A
>* No red chin: Z Gundam, Superior Gundam
>* No blue chest: Nu Gundam
>* Non-white base color: GP02A, GP03S, Ez-8, and Psyco Gundams
>* Single beam saber: Nu Gundam (albeit with a backup on the arm), Gundam X
>* One eye: Heavy Gundam
> And so forth. While I favor the interpretation that a Gundam is anything
>that's _called_ a Gundam, a more satisfactory answer might be that a Gundam
>needs to have many, but not all, of these characteristics. Thus, pretty much
>everything in G Gundam has two eyes, a V-fin, a red chin, and head vulcans,
>which makes them identifiable as Gundams despite the wide variation in color
>schemes, body shape, and armament.
>-- Mark

Yes I favor Mark's interpretation. While no single item can be said
to make a Gundam, a combination of traits could come close.

Gundam fabrication plant
choose at least three of the following traits...

1. V-fin
2. Two eyes
3. The classic gundam faceplate (with the two chevron slits)
4. A mostly white color with blue, red and yellow trim
5. There should be only one example made in the show.
6. * The MS should be the catalyst of the show's plot.

While there are exceptions to all these, I think every thing that's
been called a gundam has at least three of these traits.

* A note about no. 6. In the majority of Gundam stories- it is the
Gundam that either starts the events in motion, or becomes the focus
of the plot.
let's see...

0079- Char is sent to spy out the Gundam. Later Char, Ral, and others
become focues on destroying it. No Gundam- no plot.

08th- The big exception. It doesn't really matter that the 08th team
uses Gundams. But then again the first half of the series seemed to
lack focus.

0080- While it has little screen time, the NT-1 is very important to the plot.

0083- When it is stolen the Gundam (GP02) start the story and drive
the first half of the plot.

G-Gundam- Devil Gundam is what everyone is out to beat

Turn A- The uncovering of the Turn A begins the whole Black history prophesies.


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