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> Mosk Han, presumably stationed at Luna Two (where the G-3 was revamped).
> He shows up at Solomon to apply the same treatment to Amuro's Gundam.

Thanks to everyone who responded...

> Sure, though after a while they stop mentioning it. During the One Year
> War, the Zeons apply the treatment to the MS-11 Act Zaku (spurring
> fans to speculate that it uses Federation-style field motors, but that's
> another subject).

I've seen pictures of the Act Zaku, and heard that it was built at Pezun,
is Pezun, and how many Act Zakus were built, and were they ready before
the end of the war...

> A while ago, after analyzing specs from 0080 and retconned specs from
> original Gundam, I came up with a rough formula to generate the listed
> 180-degree-turn-time figures from the listed thrust and number of


Ok Mark, are there any other tidbits about Verniers or performance you have
for us? Sound like you've already done the math...

> > Will anyone speculate wether or not the Blue Destiny
> > 1, 2, or 3 were mag coated in addition to the EXAM
> > system?
> Actually, I'm pretty sure they are. I think it's been mentioned in some
> books, i.e. the recent Original MS in Games Data Collection.

Oops I even own that book, I'll go look...


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