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> More like, A Clockwork Orange would be un*watch*able if everybody acted
> like in those old Mae West style b&w movies with their quick line
> delivery and odd movements. Old animation is *animated*, so old/bad
> character designs and animation is hard to watch for some people because
> it's so primitive and choppy. Sure, the story is unaffected, but the
> visuals are poor. Same goes for really old recorded music. Great songs,
> but they sound poor until somebody redoes the song with better recording
> methods and gives the song some depth.
> >
> > can't stand Shakespeare because they don't speak modern English! I
> Sometimes that forces me to not read it. The slang makes no sense
> anymore, the wording takes forever to get to the point. It's a style, an
> obvious style, but it's also an example of how they used to interact. If
> I have to have old sayings constantly deciphered for me then it takes the
> fun out of reading it. Great stories, though.
> >
> > understand that everyone (myself included) has their own particular
> > tastes, and as such will like some character designs, and not like
> > others, but I feel that it is a bit shallow to write off a series
> > because the characters have winged hair, and wear bellbottoms.
> It's the whole lack of detail that bugs me. I can still watch the
> Partridge Family (hold it, did I just admit to that?) with their goofy
> get-ups because the detail is the same as now - clothes, cars, furniture,
> it's all of the same level, just dumb looking now. It's not like their
> clothes were made out of simple paper shapes or their cars were wood
> boxes with wheels on them or the sets were two slabs of drywall and a
> square hole for a window. But old animated shows had such boxy designs,
> such little detail in the characters and machines and backgrounds, that
> it makes me notice how primitive it looks.
> >
> > I mean, comparing the original design of the RX-78 to the Nu, the
> > RX-78 looks pretty sad, but if you compare the RX-78 to Mazinger, the
> > RX-78 looks shockingly cool! I think it is all a matter of what
> > perspective you take.
> >
> I guess I don't want to watch Manzinger, then.
> Alfred.

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