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See, my thing is that we are talking about older shows. Sure, I am
less than enthused by a show that came out last year, but has '70s
character designs, but to say that a show from the '70s is
unwatchable because it has dated character designs, seems to me to be
like saying you can't stand A Clockwork Orange because the slang and
decor are so dated. Or, to carry it even further, to say that you
can't stand Shakespeare because they don't speak modern English! I
understand that everyone (myself included) has their own particular
tastes, and as such will like some character designs, and not like
others, but I feel that it is a bit shallow to write off a series
because the characters have winged hair, and wear bellbottoms.

I mean, comparing the original design of the RX-78 to the Nu, the
RX-78 looks pretty sad, but if you compare the RX-78 to Mazinger, the
RX-78 looks shockingly cool! I think it is all a matter of what
perspective you take.

BTW, I am in no way shape or form a die-hard Matsumoto-loving
old-school anime fan, I just think it is a shame that great series
like VOTOMS or Gundam get the short end of the stick just because one
of the characters might sport an afro. And by the same token, I hate
to see shows like Outlaw Star get ignored because there are not
"enough" lines used to represent a woman's nose.

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> Well, ask the question about something more or different than
> Gundam. Why get so hung up on the style of cars? Or clothes or
> music? Honestly, you can't be expected to like everything equally
> so it's a given that certain styles of x or y will appeal to you
> more and other styles will turn you off. Leisure suits, anybody?
> Disco? Chrysler K car? There is ugly and ass in anything. Now, I
> don't go for that dated animation style in early Gundam anymore
> than I would go for the ugly designs in current Saturday morning
> cartoons (especially that whole M.C. Hammer cartoon era). You want
> to date a girl with a beehive hairdo? Sounds trivial, as trivial
> as not getting into those slim teenagers wearing bellbottoms look
> that early Gundam has (Starblazers has it worse), but many people
> can't ignore it. I can't. It doesn't affect the story, no, but
> this is video, not radio. Remember the arguments here about having
> rock music in Titan A.E.? Why should that matter any more than
> character designs?

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