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Chris Maier asks,

> In the first Gundam movie, Amuro keeps referring to the colony he's on as Side
> 7, but is'nt side 7 supposed to be a cluster of Colonies, and not just one?
> Amuro's dialogue seems confuses me a little(This is from the subbed version,
> by the way)?

  At this point, Side 7 consists of just a single colony (by Z Gundam,
they've added a second one). So Amuro's referring to the colony itself as
Side 7 isn't technically correct, but on the other hand, since there are no
other Side 7 colonies there isn't much chance of confusion.

  Technically, the colony could be referred to as either "Side 7, 1 Bunch",
or as "Green Noah" (the colony Gryps, which appears in Z Gundam, is also
known as Green Noah 2).

-- Mark

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