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> OK, that makes more sense.
> On a bit of a tangent, why do people get so hung up on the style of a
> character design? I can't name how many times I have seen older
> series panned by newer fans simply because the character designs are
> 10 years old, and conversely, I don't even want to go into how many
> of my friends say they just can't watch newer anime because the
> character designs are just so "God awful!"

Well, ask the question about something more or different than Gundam.
Why get so hung up on the style of cars? Or clothes or music? Honestly,
you can't be expected to like everything equally so it's a given that
certain styles of x or y will appeal to you more and other styles will
turn you off. Leisure suits, anybody? Disco? Chrysler K car? There is
ugly and ass in anything. Now, I don't go for that dated animation style
in early Gundam anymore than I would go for the ugly designs in current
Saturday morning cartoons (especially that whole M.C. Hammer cartoon
era). You want to date a girl with a beehive hairdo? Sounds trivial, as
trivial as not getting into those slim teenagers wearing bellbottoms look
that early Gundam has (Starblazers has it worse), but many people can't
ignore it. I can't. It doesn't affect the story, no, but this is video,
not radio. Remember the arguments here about having rock music in Titan
A.E.? Why should that matter any more than character designs?


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