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> Hey I updated my MS arsenal site with a Variations
> section.
> Check it out and reply with your comments.

Excellent work, James!

Retcon section: Degeki Hobby magazine has a section
called "HGUC: ANother Dimension", in which they create
retcon mechas like your illustrations based on
existing 1/144 HGUC models. One of them is called
Griffin (G-Attacker), a space-assault MA by combining
Guntank's torso w/ G-Armor's rear booster parts, plus
add-on weapons like Rick Dom II's giant bazookas.
Amazing. Hope this'll give you some inspirations for
your section. :)

What If section: here are some crazy ideas I picked up
from Studio DNA's Giren's Greed/Blood of Zeon 4-panel
comic collection:

Gyandam - mass prod Gyan with Gundam's V fin and beam
sbare's backpack

Gyantank - Guntank with regular weapons (cannons and
rocket hands) but the torso and head is replaced by
mass-prod Gyan.

Big-saras - Apsaras III supported by a pair of
oversized Zaku II legs.

mass-prod Apsaras III - feature a Zaku I's head
instead of Zaku II

Perfect Zakuello - Zakuello with a pair of Zeong legs.

I know they are crazy, but they may just work in a
'what if' situation! heh heh :)


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