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Paul Fields asks,

> Quick question probably for Mark, or -Z- but anyone
> chime in if you know the answer. What was the name
> of the Federation scientist that gave the G3 the Magnetic
> Coating and assumedly worked on the Alex?

  Mosk Han, presumably stationed at Luna Two (where the G-3 was revamped).
He shows up at Solomon to apply the same treatment to Amuro's Gundam.

> Are there any other Magnetic coated Mobile Suits in the U.C.?

  Sure, though after a while they stop mentioning it. During the One Year
War, the Zeons apply the treatment to the MS-11 Act Zaku (spurring Japanese
fans to speculate that it uses Federation-style field motors, but that's
another subject). In Z Gundam, most transforming mobile suits use it to
speed up their transformation (the Asshimar is the first such example, but
certainly not the last).

> Can anybody think of a good reason not to Magnetic
> Coat a GM? Especially a GM Sniper Custom or the
> RX-79(G) Gundam from 08th MS team?

  A while ago, after analyzing specs from 0080 and retconned specs from
original Gundam, I came up with a rough formula to generate the listed
180-degree-turn-time figures from the listed thrust and number of verniers.
Based on the specs for the Alex and the magnet-coated Gundam, it looks like
the treatment effectively increases the effectiveness of the verniers (or at
least their contribution to turning the mobile suit) by 50%.

  Assuming that magnet coating is rather expensive, if you're designing a
new mobile suit from scratch, it's probably more economical to give it 50%
more verniers to begin with. (And account for the extra weight, about 0.2
tons per vernier circa 0079.) Up until the advent of variable mobile suits,
magnet coating was mostly used to give an existing mobile suit a
quick-and-expensive manueverability boost.

  That said, the disparity between the listed number of verniers on the GM
Sniper II (namely 8) and the number indicated by back-figuring from its turn
time (namely 12) suggests that this deluxe GM variant also uses magnet
coating. Hey, it already has sections of Luna Titanium armor...

> Will anyone speculate wether or not the Blue Destiny
> 1, 2, or 3 were mag coated in addition to the EXAM
> system?

  Actually, I'm pretty sure they are. I think it's been mentioned in some
books, i.e. the recent Original MS in Games Data Collection.

-- Mark

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