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Well, for a little rousing Monday morning discussion, in the spirit of
this weekends discussion on what makes a Mobile Armor a Mobile Armor ...
how about What makes a Gundam a Gundam? Other than the obvious answer of

The next most obvious answer I can come up with is a mobile suit made out
of Gundarium alloy. But this isn't a sufficient definition, as I seem to
recall there being some Zeon suits fashioned from that fine material. SO
what if we restrict it and say a Federation mobile suit made out of
Gundarium? Nope, that doesn't work either because the "enemy" has had
their own Gundam in a few series. Can't restrict it by manufacturer
either, as there have been more than one company to manufacture them.
So, obviously it must have something to do with its appearance, right?
What are the Gundam trademarks: the V-fins, the red chin, the color
scheme? I think its safe the say every Gundam has had some variant on a
V-fin (except possibly the Ez-8 which supports a more GM-like antennae)
and the red chin. The color scheme is out, 'cos even if we confine
ourselves to UC (thus ignoring G gundams wild designs, and the black
scheme of the deathscythe in Wing), we've still got the Titans black color
scheme, the grey G-3, the blue Gundam Mk.V, and probably a few others.

So, at the very least, a Gundam is a mobile suit, fashioned from Gundarium
alloy, with a V-Fin and a red chin. Certainly someone can refine my
definition a little more, as thats awfully vague =)

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