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At 14:15 06/25/2000 -0400, Neil Baumgardner wrote:
>Eh, wait I'm saying is that even a specialized shaped-charge warhead, or even a
>long-rod penetrator, of 90mm size for instance will still not penetrate an M1's
>armor for instance.

        I'm not saying 90mm in particular, just in general..

>Even specialized warheads need to be of sufficient size. That's
>why calibers keep going up (until the end of the Cold War, they were working on
>140mm guns).

        When you are designing munitions, I believe you have basically 2
choices: make the calibur big (and other modifications) or make the round
fast, so that it will go through armour. One thing that seems to be missing
from Gundam, though, is the presence of these specialized munitions; most of
the time, it's either normal HE rounds, or beam rifles, which beat the heck
out of any direct fire weapon..

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