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At 11:29 06/25/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>First off, my guess is anything not on the surface of the moon proper is not
>considered part of their territory.

        I doubt so. The extent of moon territory should include some moon
"airspace", probably at least up to their equivalent of their low orbit.

>It would probably be more effective in space. Much of the reasons for an
>ICBMs innacuracy are pertubations in the earth's gravitational field and
>atmospheric distortions during reentry. Fired against a target in lunar
>orbit, a missile wouldn't be affected nearly as much by Earth's
>gravitational field and not at all by atmosphere.

        I'll take your word for it, but the Federation would probably have
came up with specialized colony-busters, just-in-case. Just as Zeon has 20
years to prepare, so has the Federation.

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