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> > >Sorry if it's already been discussed and settled, please enlighten
> > >this old fool :)
> >
> > My English subtitled tape from Anime Village says: "The first month of
> > fighting saw each side loose half their respective populations."
> >
> > It's quite explicit. Considering how out of the way they went to say
> > that BOTH sides lost half their populations there isnt really any room
> > for interpretation. We were just discussing how and why this
> > happened.
>It all depends on how you define sides. My reading on this issue
>had always been half of Earthnoids and Spacenoids was killed in the
>war during the first week of the one week war. That fits my view on
>the nature of the conflict, and make explaining the how and why
>rather easy.

I doubt it, especially considering that in the previous sentance they'd just
introduced Zeon and the Federation.

>Jim Huang

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