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On 25 Jun 00, at 20:35, Blackeagle wrotf:

> >The reason I wrote this post is that I actually notice the monologue
> >in written form in one of the books. And reading the kanji and
> >interpolating the katakana, I think the Chinese translation was
> >pretty ture: it was half the total population, no mention of the
> >shares between Feds and Zeon.
> >
> >Sorry if it's already been discussed and settled, please enlighten
> >this old fool :)
> My English subtitled tape from Anime Village says: "The first month of
> fighting saw each side loose half their respective populations."
> It's quite explicit. Considering how out of the way they went to say
> that BOTH sides lost half their populations there isnt really any room
> for interpretation. We were just discussing how and why this
> happened.

It all depends on how you define sides. My reading on this issue
had always been half of Earthnoids and Spacenoids was killed in the
war during the first week of the one week war. That fits my view on
the nature of the conflict, and make explaining the how and why
rather easy.

Jim Huang

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