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Brian wrote:
> what are the requirements for calling something a mobile armour? Is there a
> certain size requirement or energy output? Or is it based on offensive
> cabablilities and armour? I have been wondering about this for a while.

We just know... :)

Actually it's a little fuzzy. As Rodrick said, Psycho Gundam is an MA,
Quin Mantha is an MS. Transformable to an MA mode doesn't qualify either,
e.g. Zeta Gundam. In terms of physical attribute, they are typically big,
and missing a few limbs. But I don't you can figure out a rule based on
physical attributes that works for eveything. (is Guntank a small MA?)

There are two answer to this:
1. Like the question "what qualitfies a Gundam", you just take whatever
Bandai says and accept them.

2. Rule an MS vs an MA based on their functional (not physical)
attributes. MA's are faster but less agile, has amazing armor and/or
funky I-field "shield" generator, has huge nasty guns or funky psycommu
weapons. MA's tend to take a lot of punishment and give it back in big
doses. MS's tend to dodge and duck and rely more on finess, and MS's also
engages in "hand-to-hand" combat a lot. In short, something is an MA if
it fights like a tank (armor), it's an MS if it fights like a human
(suit). The advantage of this rule is especially appearant when you
consider the Quin Mantha vs. Psycho Gundam.

In the older (pre-model-numbering) books, Zeong was classified as an MA,
and than along come model-numbering and MSV, now there was this Perfect
(completed) Zeong with legs, so it's now redefined as an MSN-02.

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