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> Lim Jyue wrote:
> > Eek. Looks like all the Federation needed to do was to get a few
> > nukes into place to "sink" a few colonies; the possibilty that Zeon lost
> > half the population is starting to look more and more serious if the
> > Federation had started the counteroffensive with nukes..
> But I notice the talkers in this thread have taken for granted that both
> Feds and Zeon lost half their respective population. Appearantly the
> evidence come from the prelude monologue in the 0079 TV and movie.
> I've always assumed, from both the Chinese dub and sub that it was half
> the TOTAL population, with Feds' bearing the bigger share. After all, the
> frontline had always been pushing further and further into Feds's
> territory until Odessa (?) pretty late into the war. It's kind of hard to
> lose any significant fraction of your population until the war had come
> INSIDE your doorsteps. Notice the very tiny civilian loss in both Japan
> and USA (and even England) in WW2.
> The reason I wrote this post is that I actually notice the monologue in
> written form in one of the books. And reading the kanji and interpolating
> the katakana, I think the Chinese translation was pretty ture: it was half
> the total population, no mention of the shares between Feds and Zeon.
> Sorry if it's already been discussed and settled, please enlighten this
> old fool :)

That's always been my interpretation as well. The vast majority of Zeon
casuality has been its military personel, which while substantial, is still
nothing compare to the overall population. The Feds never got close to
lobbing nukes at Side 3 or Granada during the openning weeks of the war.
After Antartic Treaty they don't have that ability. In the closing weeks of
the war, when EFF finally bring the war to Side 3, they were concentrating
on attacking Zeon astroid fortress Solomon and A Bao A Qu. Had the war drag
on, no doubt the Federation will attack Granada, the first Zeon presence in
space with more civilian than soldiers.

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