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-Z- wrote:
> Solar weapons were developed to get around the restrictions of the
> Antarctic Treaty, but I'd expect the Granada Treaty to cover them, if
> only in a Solar Ray Non-Proliferation provision.

sorry for butting in again.

But what's the spirit of the Antarctic treaty? I've assumed it's an
anti-mass-destruction weapon or anti-enviornmental weapon treaty. If so,
why would an extension of the Antarctic treaty cover a strictly
battle-field weapon such as solar weapons? Theoretically solar weapons
could be turned against civilian targets (Titans certianly had such
intention) but if there were no precedence of solar weapons used against
civilian or enviornmental targets, I doubt Granada would touch on solar

Unless you are talking about the Feds banning Zeons to develop solar
weapons, that would make sense for Granada. (a la Japan after WW2 and
Germany after WW1)

Remember solar weapon is just another super weapon, it's no different from
a MS or a battleship. I won't imagine the USA would be too thrilled to
enter a multilateral ban on cruise missiles and stealth bombers.

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