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Sun, 25 Jun 2000 21:03:05 -0400 (EDT)


Four quick questions:

1. Do they have multiple sets of hands like the rest of the MSiA

2. How much do they cost?

3. Are the panel lines painted in? I ask this because the picks I have
seen of the prototypes do not have the panel lines painted in.

4. Are still called Mobile Suit in Action on the package?


attached mail follows:

They hit the KBs in Arizona friday. These are the first MSIAs I've bought,
and I was fairly impressed. The vinyl/plastic is quite sturdy despite it's
softness, and the joints hold together fairly well. I got two Sandrocks and
a Heavyarms, and the only real problem seems to be the way the shields
mount on the arms (just a small tab that can only be firmly pressed in, not
"clicked" in like the rest of joints). The Heavyarms surprised me with its
opening chest and should mounts, although the large shoulder pieces on both
it and the Sandrock have a tendency to fall off in certain positions.

Overall I was quite impressed with the two types I got, but I have to say
its the Shen Long that's probably the most impressive out of the original
five, since according to the package the Dragon Fang does actually unfold
out of the shoulder. Unfortunately, the Shen Long may be "short-cased" (not
as many per case), since there was only one at the store I went to I seemed
to be the first customer to purchase any. On that note, the cardbacks do
also show the Epyon and Tallgeese, but I suspect they'll come in larger
packaging and in a late shipment (all that were available were the five
heroes on standard cards).


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