Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 25 Jun 2000 17:44:42 -0700

> Does anybody have any information on this game? Seems interesting,
>since apparentally it adds yet another Gundam to the already
>Gundam-infested One Year War(Let's see....one RX-78, 20 RX-79s, Blue
>Destiny, Pixie and the NT-1)plus features a cool Zaku/GM hybrid.

It was a game originally developed for Bandai's ill-fated Pippin console.
Since the Pippin is based on the Mac, the game runs on PowerMacs as well.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to like Mac OS 8.x very much, you pretty
much have to stick with an older version of System Software in order to
play it without constant crashes.

Gameplay kind of reminds me of the F91 game for the Super Famicom, except
more tactical planning is required. The combat sections of the game can
get a bit repetitive like those Giren's Greed and SD G Generation games.
What's cool though is it does feature the MS-06R variant and you can play
either side of the conflict. The game's new Gundam is like a mini-
Dendrobium, basically a G-Armor-like combo that puts a booster/combat
platform and the Gundam's upper torso together.


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