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> > >You can even slingshot around the EARTH, then the Moon, and slap Zeon up
> > >the head at something like 50 gees.
> >
> > Woah -- nasty, decidedly nasty. If you time it right, you can even
> > set it so that your barrage will arrive in concert with another attack, sort
> > of like a preliminary barrage -- 5 days in advance.
> wouldn't this be self-defeating? your enemy is got the amount of time it
> takes for your missle to get there to prepare their anti-missile defenses
> and what nots. for a more successful missile attack, it has to be launched
> much closer to Side 3

If they know about and can see it coming, they have time to mount a defense, but
these aren't rocket propelled ballistic missiles, they're masses in ballistic
trajectories. It could be something as small as a baseball or as large as a

After the initial impulse that sends them on their way "down" to Earth, they're
in free flight. The massive acceleration comes entirely from the slingshot

Meanwhile, you're firing everything else at Zeon, keeping them busy and giving
them other vectors to watch out. The delay actually works in your favor, because
the rocks hit just about the time the rest of your arsenal is expended, lulling
the opposition into a false sense of security.


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