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> Can someone who reads Japanese please tell us the details? Gundam.com said
> it was 7 meters tall.

Posted by -V- on Wednesday, 21 June 2000:

Here's a full translation:


Since a putting up the information about the Giant Gundam few days ago in my
homepage diary, many have asked about it. After listening to your voices, I
thought that "I must do a report on it!!!" and so I went to the actual
place. Of course, I had a strong interest in it myself (^.^;;)


My first impression was it's soo amazing. My friend "N" who went with me
has the same feeling. We visited Okayama prefecture's Kume district and
town of Kume. This Gundam was about 7 meters tall. Rather than the size,
it was the beauty of the work that moved me. The body was made with a metal
frame and FRP. The red part in the middle can open and close and seems to
kinda acts as a cockpit. I could meet the person who made this that day,
but his family was very hospitable and told us the details.

    This is what I heard from my friend, but it seems that you can actually
control this from the cockpit. (Inside the legs are hidden 6 oil
cylinders). When I told my friends about this Gundam, they showed me some
good stuff. This Gundam was once in a magazine article in "FAMITSUU" (some
Famicon magazine probably... ).

    From the contents of the article, the maker is a 36 year old Mr.
Nakamoto. "I'm neither an Anime fan nor Gundam fan. I just thought I would
make a Giant Robot that could walk and someone could ride in, there is no
involvement of industrial companies or University research, i did this all
by myself" was written in the article. Even though, it took him 10 years to
plan and 7 years to create. Incidentally, the model is "Fujita ver." Zeta
Gundam. From what his family members say, he made it from seeing the photos
and just the FRP shape, there are already alot of large sized tracks.

    This is also from their family members, but he also made a sidecar for
his bike from FRP before too! THis is my opinion, but "To make such an
amazingGundam from FRP, the person who can make this can make anything!!" or
something to that extent (^^;;;

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