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Sun, 25 Jun 2000 14:15:53 -0400

Lim Jyue wrote:

> At 13:54 06/25/2000 -0400, Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> >Yeah, I was branching off into general Gundam applications, not necessarily for
> >the anti-colony application.
> I didn't mean anti-colony either, more like anti-anything in space..

Fine, like I said, I was merely pointing out the apparent lack of such cruise
missiles in the Gundam universe.

> >Eh, not necessarily true. You do need some sufficient size for a shaped-charge
> >warhead to work against a certain amount of armor. For instance 90mm rounds
> >would be generally ineffective against an M1 tank. So, if you have an IR,
> >wire-guided missile, it would have to be of sufficient size to penetrate an
> MS'
> >armor.
> Sigh. What was I saying? Right, below a certain calibur, certain
> rounds don't have a chance of penetrating armour. In this case, I think 90mm
> rounds cannot penetrate M1's frontal armour, but it should be able to do
> some damage from the back... =)

Maybe, maybe.....

> But again, a specialized warhead should be able to defeat a known
> armour, so it's not so much the round size, but more on the munition design.

Eh, wait I'm saying is that even a specialized shaped-charge warhead, or even a
long-rod penetrator, of 90mm size for instance will still not penetrate an M1's
armor for instance. Even specialized warheads need to be of sufficient size. That's
why calibers keep going up (until the end of the Cold War, they were working on
140mm guns).


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