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At 13:54 06/25/2000 -0400, Neil Baumgardner wrote:
>Yeah, I was branching off into general Gundam applications, not necessarily for
>the anti-colony application.

        I didn't mean anti-colony either, more like anti-anything in space..

>Eh, not necessarily true. You do need some sufficient size for a shaped-charge
>warhead to work against a certain amount of armor. For instance 90mm rounds
>would be generally ineffective against an M1 tank. So, if you have an IR,
>wire-guided missile, it would have to be of sufficient size to penetrate an

        Sigh. What was I saying? Right, below a certain calibur, certain
rounds don't have a chance of penetrating armour. In this case, I think 90mm
rounds cannot penetrate M1's frontal armour, but it should be able to do
some damage from the back... =)

        But again, a specialized warhead should be able to defeat a known
armour, so it's not so much the round size, but more on the munition design.

        (Well, I might have said that, but a friend of mine once pointed out
that the 08MST Gundams carry a 180mm anti-anything gun... =)

>Yes, and I believe the Zeon helicopter in 08th MS Team uses wire-guided
>missiles, but for space combat, IR missiles would be generally more effective.

        Not necessarily; IR in space could come from many sources,
especially if used near colonies; the cylinder themselves should kick out a
significant amount of IR. Throw in sun-warmed asteroids, and the sun itself,
I'm not 100% certain that IR missiles can work well enough to nail an MS
(assuming your target is an MS, of course.

>I was simply pointing out that I dont believe IR missiles are said to exist in
>Gundam AFAIK. In fact guidance of the GP03's missiles, as well as others, dont
>seem to be described at all.

        Which is just as well. Frankly speaking, if I was an MS pilot, I
don't want to know *exactly* how it works -- just what kind of input it
needs for me to use it to shoot something down. (^_^)
> Neil
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