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At 13:23 06/25/2000 -0400, Neil Baumgardner wrote:
>That's true, and such satellite dismantling is shown in MS Era. However, this
>should prohibit terrain counter matching (TERCOM). TERCOM simply takes the
>known counters of the Earth and uses it for navigation purposes. Older
>of Tomahawk solely relied on this.

        Yes, but again, Earth- or Moon- specific. It doesn't sound like it
would be much use in space.

        Furthermore, it's most likely used against static targets, not
MSes.. Since most of the Gundam series concentrated on MS fights, they might
have been used but simply not shown.

>AFAIK, a Sidewinder has a far smaller warhead than a 90mm round.

        A warhead smaller than 90mm can still penetrate and bounce around
inside an MS (and hopefully catch the pilot..). It's the way the warhead is
designed to work that's a bit more important.

>True again. I was simply pointing out that such air-to-air missiles are
>IR-guided, while anti-tank ones are usually wire-guided.

        Would that be a major difference? IR and wire won't be affected by
Minovsky either way. In fact, in the novelization, Tomino specifically
mentioned that the missiles used in colonies are wire-guided, but I don't
think this was ever shown in 0080 when a few missed the Kampfer and hit a
school instead.

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