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At 10:23 06/25/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>35 years ago some U.S. ballistic missiles used stellar guidance to update
>their inertial guidance systems in flight. Considering their CEP, it has to
>be fairly accurate.

        They do? Didn't know that..

>Excuse me!!!!

        You're excused. (^_^)

        My Bad. I knew the Sidewinder was around for a long time; I was
actually referring to the cruise missiles, which weren't extensively used
until recently, at least, not in such a graphical manner as that in the Gulf
War. Especially non-nuclear cruise missiles, which was what I believe Neil
was discussing.

        As for calling a V1 a cruise missiles... well..

>Since armor that will stop small arms fire will stop most fragments,
>anti-aircraft type fragmentation warheads won't be of much use against MS.
>Some sort of shaped charge warhead like an anti-tank missile is more likely.

        Right. The MS does have a disadvantage in that it is so much
vertically larger than a tank; this makes them a big target for AT missiles.
I recall in one of Kondo's work, a Zaku was actually brought down by AT

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