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        Sorry for the slow response; Had been in a slow mood lately..

>We hit a target smaller than that at a much greater distance when we shot
>Voyager out to Jupiter.

        With assistance from Earth, in the form of course corrections
radioed to Voyager, right? It's not possible to rely on that for sure when
doing this -- firstly, your base might be under attack by the time your
missiles need to course correct, or your transmission might be jammed or
minovskied. =)

>Now THAT'S rocket science! Nowadays, we get within 130 feet (or was it
>meters?) of a frickin' PLANET and run outta gas...! (-_-)

        Heh. Do I detect a hint of sacarsm here? (^_^)

>You can even slingshot around the EARTH, then the Moon, and slap Zeon up side
>the head at something like 50 gees.

        Woah -- nasty, decidedly nasty. If you time it right, you can even
set it so that your barrage will arrive in concert with another attack, sort
of like a preliminary barrage -- 5 days in advance.

        Again, will these slingshot maneuvers require course correction to
be done via remote (or via a pilot?) Can such course corrections be
programmed into the guidance units?

        Furthermore, with the Moon neutral, will they object to these maneuvers?

>For that matter, the folks in L4 can just use retro rockets to kill the forward
>momentum of any large masses they have flying around.

        I like this idea much better, and as Side 2 was one of the Sides
attacked by Zeon, it is entirely possible that the large mass that Side 3
runs into a few days later might be a direct result of Zeon's action.

        But isn't this slightly hit-and-miss? The Sides are always in motion
around the Lagrange points, so simply retro-rocketing the masses might not
be accurate enough to ensure a hit.

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