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        Sorry for the slow response; Had been in a slow mood lately..

>Even the kiloton-yield fission bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would
>pop a colony like a firecracker in a tin can.

        I was reminded of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after I posted the mail; it
would seem possible that a single nuke would pop open an entire cylinder then.

>Detonate a multi-megaton device between two ballistic coupled colony pairs and
>you'd wreck them both.

        Eek. Looks like all the Federation needed to do was to get a few
nukes into place to "sink" a few colonies; the possibilty that Zeon lost
half the population is starting to look more and more serious if the
Federation had started the counteroffensive with nukes..

>There are three possible scenarios with a kinetic missile strike. The least
>damaging would be a simple penetration of the hull, with a conic section blown
>inward -- from the inside, it would be like a volcanic eruption, followed by a
>huge cyclone.

        Hmm. This reminds me of 08MST, where in Shirow's memories a Zaku
broke into a cylinder and had very much the same effects as you described. I
think this was the episode which (IIRC) Blackeagle mentions; I can't
remember whether it's in the TV series or one of the movies..

>The most devastating would be a missile with enough energy to burst across to
<the other side, but not enough to break out again -- ping, ping, ping!

        In other words, a pinball in a 40KM long cylinder. As you said,
decidedly nasty.

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